Communication and Connection

Kamal explores the power in human communication and connection. Over the last 14 years he and his team have conducted research on why we struggle to connect and how our little insecurities accumulate to destroy personal, family, organisational connection and hence create ongoing global crises.

He explores

  1. Why we were never taught how to communicate or connect.
  2. Why our insecurities drive our loneliness and disconnection.
  3. Who truly knows how to connect and what we can learn from letting go of our domination language.

Executive Resilience

Kamal will explore why resilience is becoming more important than any other trait at the personal, team and organisational level. He draws on his over 10 years work with leaders from around the globe.

He will cover

  1. How do we create personal and professional resilience
  2. How leaders create mental and emotional resilience
  3. What challenges lie ahead as we face climate change and environmental degradation an we can start to build resilient organisations to face the evitable challenges

Creating a high performing congruent resilient teams

Kamal explores how by mastering is one of the most important parts of the corporate experience teamwork organisation can create and maintain superior results .Research shows that most people join the organisation for its culture, but leave because of a sub-optimal team climate.

Kamal will cover in his session

  • How to create congruency within the team by aligning vision and expectations
  • Developing a platform of trust by making sure you have the 7 high performing team conversations
  • Managing diverse team dynamics by having the right conversations at the right time
  • How to build team connection as teams go through change and uncertainty

The leadership leap

Kamal Sarma presents 7 essential principles, “(un) learnings”, that you have to unlearn and relearn to progress in your personal or professional leadership journey.
These are the critical lessons that may be lacking in your management training but are crucial in your leadership development.

He  will cover

  • How to manage your energy not just your time
  • How to be mentally resilient, emotionally and psychologically resilient
  • How to make sure you invest in things going right rather than fixing up things when they go wrong
  • How do we thrive in periods of change, not just survive change
  • How to unlearn and re-learn to adapt to a VUCA )Volatile Uncertain, Changing and Ambiguous) world